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A useful reminder for many who struggle
Our frequency/resonance is exactly the same as the earths frquency/resonance. In experiments, healthy people were put in undeground bunkers shielded from the earths resonance, all became sick, sone severly. When the person conducting the experiment re introduced "the frequency" 7.83 Hz people recovered. What are the true purposes of EMF, 5G, smart phone etc. To intefere with our natural frequency making us all sick? Is this why humanity is constantly being forced off the land and into cities? How many people have been forced into living in cities compared to say 40 years ago?
Just singing the same old song
How did we know almost a year ago.....did you know...thought not! Enjoy your 3D chess....come to the 5D board if you want to play a game. I'll teach you how to play....
Just singing the same old song
Do you know what Q Proofs are? Thought not. Go check them out. They will open closed eyes and free indocrinated minds.
A useful reminder for many who struggle
Yes there is nothing more powerful than connecting to mother nature...(our universal energy source) you know about Schumanns Resonance? Great documentary ...."Resonace - Beings Of Frquency"....go watch it, you will find it brilliant.
This is a public service announcement.
Sorry , I didn't mean too label you stupid or unintelligent as I don't know you. I was ofcourse refering to your comments. On the other hand you have acvused me of tripping, being brainwashed, being a racist, being an a$$hole etc. Let me tell you where I live. A few years ago 1200 woman were abused, assulted, **ped at a new years concert by muslim men. A muslim man drove a truck into a Christmas Market killing some and injuring many (thankfully an automatic breaking system engaged). Children have/are being abused in swimming pools. An elderly man had his throat slit while sleeping by his muslim carer. Many others have been murdered/assaulted/raped in the space of the past few years. So yes I am biased against islam! And Iwear that label backed by tonnes of information, research and direct experience.