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I pretty much only post animemes, though if I get a good Idea I will post it. peace, and remember, Kirishima is best boi
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the price of Disney in fun
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listen. if you don't like dark humor, then you shouldn't be on this site. if you can't take an insult every once in a while, you definitely shouldn't be on the internet. there are going to be people who are MUCH meaner than me, and if you can't stand being an asshat and being told you don't have a sense of humor, than what they call you will just cause your sand grain sized brain to implode and create a black hole of ridiculousness. My seven year old sister is less emotional than you.
Antifa in fun
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cuz democrats are SO right wingers
AW COME ON! in Anime
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i have two requests:
make this a public template plz