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There are just far too many things the white leftists are calling racist. Most of that stuff has nothing to do with race. in politics
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Be careful my best friend was fired from his warehouse job for saying some black and white zip ties in a shipping box looked like oreo cookies. He was deemed too racist by another coworker. Yes, just that one statement.
Cyan be llike in Among_Us
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That's not really a good reason to hate anyone.
comment plz in The_Think_Tank
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Love your ideas, I hope you'll post to this stream often. Welcome to imgflip!
insert funny title pun here in The_Think_Tank
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Me also! Except for preschool through 3rd grade. I loved my 2nd grade teacher she was my inspiration to become a teacher. She attended my college graduation and wedding. When she retired she gave me her classroom stuff for my own classroom. Good teachers are so important to undue the harm the bad ones cause.
insert funny title pun here in The_Think_Tank
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Probably best to keep names out