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parkland students anti gun
yes and there are many factors we don't understand and any insight that could help us prevent gun deaths including suicides would be helpful
parkland students anti gun
there u go again, making -stuff- up again. laugh stop digging that hole it is getting really really deep. u r funny tho and it would be fun to keep making u trip over things uv'e said but I can't play all day I do hav to work. here--- hahahahahahanahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha that is what all your bs is worth a good laugh.
parkland students anti gun
the -study- u cited in ur link above was a product of the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine which is the nap.edu part of the link u listed which has nothing at all to do with the US Centers for Disease Control. and the chapter of the -not CDC study- u cited had to do with Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm Related Violence in which they give the -contested- -estimate- of lives saved and u can go back and read our posts over again from that point and comment again after u quit making -stuff- up.
parkland students anti gun
hey DR S according to the database Gun Violence Archive, in 2017 there were 2,121 -incidents- of defensive use of firearms. no estimate of lives saved. but those folks must hav some real mojo and hav been in some terrible incidents to save 300,000 to three million people in a total of 2,121 incidents. so what other categories of gun incidents are u counting to come up with lives saved, or r u making up -estimates- of lives saved based on -estimates- of events that did not occur? I don't count estimates of estimates as a study of verifiable incidents of some kind. and no the Gun Violence Archive numbers don't match the CDC's, since they hav different categories.
parkland students anti gun
the CDC statistics on gun deaths released in Dec 2018; summaries published by Time magazine and The Hill. 2017 had the highest number of gun related deaths in nearly four decades. 39,773 recorded deaths from firearms 14,542 homicides; this includes mass shooting deaths 23,854 from suicide; in the US suicide is legal and statistics are separate from crime statistics 486 unintentional 338 undetermined 553 legal intervention, operations of war No mention of "lives saved" by guns. No mention. the CDC did not hav a category related to defensive gun use.