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Matrix Morpheus
There ya go gain! You gotta assume a bunch of weird chit just to come to an errant conclusion. You assume I have an overriding agenda, you assume I guy that has more meaningful relationships with black Americans than either of us is racist, and you assume the tea party party was anything more than a tax revolt that got polluted by its own party. Want to know my "agenda" just ask. Close the damn borders! Get on about homogenizing this country into one type of people that is slightly darker than Canadians answer lighter than Mexicans ( which will be hard because in Mexico, Mexicans are pretty white. When Americans drop this "nation of immigrants bullchit" we can get some national pride back. Build on the culture we have, don't destroy it, or debase it by insulting the president on national television. Anyway, thanks for the dialogue. I'll throw you some ups!
Matrix Morpheus
Like I said, a bunch of memes. You seem to have to assume a bunch of chit to make your errant point. All thatnracism's on you. Im' just making a point about how entrenched media abuses their rights. Get rid of them and let someone new in. That's not suppression, it's expansiom.
Matrix Morpheus
There was no mobs, just a few memes. And no one with the audience of Cobert.
Matrix Morpheus
What they'really doing good isn't speech, it's sedition. Unless you're trying to argue the merits of the term cock holster.
Best fake trick shot ever!!!
I can't stop laughing.