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Um does anyone here like cheese?
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My island is a pain to traverse in gaming
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Try it. It's a good game to play.
Just made a new template! (will post in fun tommorow) in frontpage
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Sir, the joke is me being an absolute idiot in 2017 (when fidget spinners were a trend), where I poured water on my fidget spinner because the people in my class told me to. Water rusts the bearing inside. This meme was to make fun of me, not to make fun of fidget spinners.
The cosmic ballet goes on. in frontpage
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Have an upvote :)
Be like Bill. in fun
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Because I didn't say ok boomer and direct it at someone of that generation, I'm a karen? You, sir, seem to not know how to use that term at all.
Guys BLIND DRIVERS!!!!!!!!! in fun
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
When you started the thread, you said that the joke was good. But, later on in the thread, you said that it wasn't funny. It seems you said "Good joke." just to be polite.