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'Queen's Speech 2017; What the EU?'
The caption 'What the EU?' is a response to the phrase 'F*ck the EU' used on the NoAgenda show.
Make America German Again; Make America German(speaking) Again
Next level MAGA hat, MAGA+ hat 'There is a popular legend that German almost became the official language of the United States. This notion has been popularized by German authors of travel literature since the 1840s. According to the so-called "Muhlenberg legend," a vote was taken in the Pennsylvania state parliament sometime in the 1790s on whether German should be the official language. Apparently the Speaker of the House, a German-American by the name of Frederick A. Muhlenberg, cast the decisive vote for English and against German. In reality, this presumed proposition was never brought to the floor and a vote was never taken.'
From Russia(via Europe) With Smirk
It's more accurately from Eurasia, but the quote is 'Go back to Europe'.
Islam the religion of peace; Enthroned Otto man 'The star and crescent flag of the Ottoman Empire, a late 18th-century design officially adopted in 1844'
No Black In Democrat
It's in reference to 'They all look alike': 'Hillary Clinton Jokes 'They All Look Alike' After Interviewer Mixes Up Cory Booker And Eric Holder' The phrase 'No Black In Democrat' is based on 'No Black In The Union Jack'.