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Among Us Biblical Style in fun
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Yeah I know - I figured I would take a shot at the among us meme trend... I think its fun anyway
Untitled Image in politics
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I upvoted your comment though - because you did do so as the OP asked. Kudos.
Untitled Image in politics
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Biden outwardly has said many racist things & has voted for segregation - how is that outwardly decent? He lied on television last night -because he called military folks Stupid Bastards & it was caught on video. Blatantly lied about it. He lied about his son getting tons of cash. Lies are decent?

He vilified Trump a bare minimum 6 times last night in the debate. So he does do that.

He has failed in Washington for 40 years -and Publically said we can expect tax increases under him - during the debate.

If he hasn't done anything great in Washington in 40 years...what makes you think he will do well now? 40 years of failed policies -but now you think he can be the guy?
ABC break down of debate... I'm guessing they trash Trump & praise Biden. in politics
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Line up:

Former Governor Chris Christie - known Trump disliker.

Rahm Emanuel - Known Trump hater.

Sara F*gan - not a huge Trump fan.

Yvette Simpson - HUGE anti-Trump

This is "fair and accurate" news. Lmao - lets gather people who don't like the guy & talk about how we didn't like him.
Round One of Three goes to Trump in politics
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The look on Aikmans face lmao - perfection