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Actual Advice Mallard
Sorry it took me so long to respond,my computer is broken and I need to send it in for repairs. Thank you for inviting me but I have to decline for now. Right now I am using a friends computer and I can't use it often.Sorry if this cause's more inconvenience but this is the best I can do for now.
Actual Advice Mallard
Listen it was nice to hear another point of view ,I appreciate you doing this but still I question.Saying that you can't approach it in a scientific way or in any other then the way suggested undermines evidence and years of scientific study's.Even from a basic information stand point the belief in really any religious is illogical . There have been thousands of religions in human history,all believing in different gods and ways of life.The only difference with Christianity is it came more quickly and spread to more people.It imprinted itself in ancient Europe and spread from there.It was a good enough explanation for the time but now we know other wise. Through science we have discovered tons of evidence leading to different ideas about the world.Perhaps it is not I who need's humbling,according to your religious the entire world was created for humans while in science we know we adapted and evolved to live in the world and it did not do so for us.In science we have provided evidence for our theory's and beliefs but in Christianity most ignore the evidence for evolution or the big bang and act blissfully ignorant to the evidence.A question for you,If you thought like me and saw that most if not all religion had no truth to it and science had evidence what changed your mind?
Actual Advice Mallard
I was looking for scientific proof,not a reference to the bible.I and most other atheist that I am aware of see the Bible as only a book.Bringing something from a text that claim's to be true but has no real world backing is not evidence.Saying everything is proof and only using the bible as your source is not reliable.And yeah if you gave me real proof and not a reference to a book that was written well over 2000 years ago I would believe you but you have not given this proof.
Actual Advice Mallard
Evolution does not explain the origin of life,just how it adapts and changes.Some scientist believe that the first cells came about through the right mix of minerals and heat.Some believe we came from space ice,truly at the time we don't fully know where we came from ,but that's one thing that drives science is questions.We look at the evidence and interpret it.With Christianity you have a answer but it's an answer with no proof.I would like you to give me real proof of god,the christian god.
Actual Advice Mallard
Your seriously going with these arguments?Look If you normally act like this online I can guarantee that you have gotten a real response. I wrote this long response but then my computer died and I don't feel like writing it all over so here's my advice,find a reliable non biased source to tell you about science,my suggestion is there's a great show called Cosmos on Netflix that explains it well and our current understanding of science.Sorry I did not rewrite the whole thing and to answer your question reliable proof disproving evolution like finding a dog fossilize from 4.4 billion years ago which should be impossible or a clear sign like an angel coming to earth. and now a question for you, when presented with evidence that goes against your religion how do you react, do you dismiss the evidence,do you look at it trying to see a way to alter it?