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IcyBirbwithaSmolBrain (205796)
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Hoi icy here. My gender is Yes. Im a simp for birb bois I occasionally rp yuga aoyama from mha/bnha
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AY AY AY in Role_Play
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Icy: Greetings Mr/Ms/Mrs Nox!
its the year 2030,everyone has special abilities and you see her wdyd in Role_Play
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Cam: *don't know how to continue the conversation*
In a world where abnormal beings are captured,killed,or kept as pets you see her getting dragged by her collar by a yelling man in Role_Play
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*She'd find herself covered in a shadowy substance. She can't see a thing but after like 5 seconds, the shadows disappear. Willow is now in a small apartment*
Cam (human form again): you can breathe again now