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http://ballot-access.org/2017/09/03/august-2017-ballot-access-news-print-edition/ "MINOR PARTIES GAIN REGISTRATIONS DURING 2017, BUT DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS, AND INDEPENDENTS DECLINE During 2017, the number of voters registered as Democrats declined; the number of Republicans declined; the number of independents declined. But the number of voters registered into minor parties increased. See page four for a state-by-state breakdown. The data includes the 31 states in which the voter registration form asks the applicant to choose a party (or to choose independent status). The data also includes the District of Columbia. Obviously there can be no registration data from the other 19 states, because in those other 19 states, there is no such thing as a registered member of a political party. It is normal for the number of registered voters to decline in odd years, because states cull their voter registration lists after election years. When this article discusses changes, it is comparing current data to the November 2016 data. All of the 2017 data is as of June or July, with these exceptions: the California data is from February 2017; the Pennsylvania data is from April 2017; the Florida minor party data is from November 2016; the Connecticut data is from November 2016; and the Massachusetts data for the unqualified parties is from November 2016. The Secretaries of State of Connecticut and Florida say they are hoping to be able to furnish complete registration data for all parties, on demand, in the future, but currently they cannot do that. Current Connecticut data can only be obtained by contacting each town clerk, and I didn’t do that work. Libertarian registration is now higher than it has ever been. Although Green Party and Constitution Party registration increased between November 2016 and mid-2017, in the past those parties had higher registration totals than they do now."
But Thats None Of My Business
That pic was of Che Guevara not Castro But Yey, both were on the same page politically and both were mass murdering psyopaths.