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Don't be a sheep. NO HELMETS !!!1!11!!!1 in politicsTOO
2 ups, 7h
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I just went outside the office to snap this. It ain't clouds, that's smoke from wildfires.

Since I am a genius and agreed to go mountain biking later this evening, my helmet is the least of my cancer-causing concerns. 😂

(Obviously yours was a sarcastic reply, but it made me laugh at the irony.)
Don't forget Beto raised $60k for these democrats in politics
0 ups, 7h
Just...send them money? I imagine you can find all that in DC.

Then again, I understand getting a care package is nice...but why Dr. Pepper and salsa? Why not Coke and chips?

The decisions confuse me...
At What Point Do You Say No? in politics
1 up, 7h
Watch us get to the point where vaccines will be tested and approved for all ages but the more "emphatic" left will still try to argue for mask mandates.

At this rate I anticipate we'll be screwed over until 2024-5.
we can't say anything anymore in politics
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Wowzah. Which user was that??