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trump and his nazi followers lost bigly!!! in politics
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As if the position of the index finger counts...I think you're reading far too heavily into the entire thing my friend.
trump and his nazi followers lost bigly!!! in politics
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Oh, are you assuming this man is racist because he's a Proud Boy? I don't know much about them, but their website clearly has 'anti-racism' listed on their core values.

They're too far right-wing for my taste, but check out their website to see for yourself:

One interesting thing I found was that one of their members evidently IS trying to hijack the movement and make it a white-supremacy organization. Check this out:

Let's hope they don't succeed.
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What you're describing is revenge. It's not exactly conducive to a peaceful society. The times in which the average white harbored racist thoughts against people of color in this country are over. Therefore it's not only useless to punish people who mean no harm for the sins of those who came before us, it's damaging because that may spark truly evil thoughts of revenge. This would widen the racial gap, not act as the catharsis you seek.

I get it, a lot of our history is lousy. But there is no way for blacks to avenge themselves without causing far more pain and suffering than they would solve.

Basically, I want people to realize that there are no sides. Most people don't see skin color anymore, only fellow human beings. If someone of one race decides that another person of another race needs to "pay" and their only known crime was being white, or black, then that person is acting on racial prejudice alone.
The deep state digs in. in politics
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OK but his case was so borderline that it could have gone either way. It's not really representative of the larger pool of potential targets.
It's not just Apu in politics
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I thought you meant news media, sorry I've been watching too much of it. lol

Personally I think there's a line between 'funny jokes at the expense of a culture' (which are genuinely funny and shouldn't offend, because we all make fun of ourselves) and 'truly racist undertones 'and people can't really tell the difference between them.

I'm not saying none of the stuff you cited was bad, just saying that it's not 'racism' to make a Russian cat look like what most people think a Russian would, or to have a western movie studio cast a western singer to voice an Arabian girl (Aladdin).

You do you though.