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Yeah i changed my user, but i like this one better
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Change my mind... in Middle-School
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Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
:0 in Pokemon_stream
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Yes, considering that Ash most likely has brown as a recessive gene, and yes, ash could have black eyes as another recessive gene. And plus, sometimes kids can act like their parents. Ashes love for pokemon and mean while Giovanni uses pokemon and dosen't care for them. BRUNO on the other hand is more likely to be ashes father. It can explain about Ashes bedhead hair
:0 in Pokemon_stream
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i dont think so, Giovanni and Ash dont have the same hair color or skin color, if you take it with genetics. govanni and delia have brown-ish hair, meanwhile ash has black hair. Its impossible for that to happen,
Untitled Image in MS_memer_group
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Me after falling down stairs