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Please buy me a ☕coffee :) I'd really appreciate it!
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Hmm....really? in fun
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Lol ya
Help in Mathematics
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Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁I hope my tutorials help you a lot! I also have a video on there that explains how to remember the notes on the piano. If ever you have a hard finding it. Let me know and I will send you the link!
Help in Mathematics
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Just saw you saying you want to be a pianist! That's so cool, I am one and I have a piano channel! So if ever you would like to learn piano. I have a lot of easy piano tutorials perfect for beginners! I have a piano stream. Not sure if the link is on there but if ever you would like the link to my channel I can send it to you :)
Untitled Image in My_Sonic_Drawings
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Good job! 👍
Help in Mathematics
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Wow you are so amazing! That is so nice of you to be helping others with math :)