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Just waiting for my next body and I have some time to kill...
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Just say you don't know. in politicsTOO
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let me tell you two secrets that can help to avoid financial catastrophes on personal or national scale: don't create problems in the first place, and learn how to think for yourself. it won't be easy to learn the hows and whys of it, but the payoff in quality of life is huge.
Just say you don't know. in politicsTOO
1 up, 12h
Well Obama and Biden are both up there, given that they had to remedy damages done by their predecessors. This has been a consistent strategy by the GOP for decades: rack up costs by mismanagement and failure to address problems, then cry "Overspending!" when the Dems clean up the mess. Not the best way to steer a ship.
Just say you don't know. in politicsTOO
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Sorry. I should have said 'Please select the BEST answer.'