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And on your right, you will see a piece of Hamiltrash in its natural habitat, a dark room with Non-Stop on a loop.
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Teachers... in fun
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Me when my teacher moved me away from both the most annoying kids in the class and my best friend...
Turtle cult in fun
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HE WOULD LOVE THIS CULT IF HE WASN'T ALREADY DEAD | image tagged in anthony ramos surprise | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Chinese Idea of a Winter Outfit in fun
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I looked it up and it said, "And Love Nikki was originally made in China and published by Tencent." https://www.deconstructoroffun.com/blog/2018/4/9/why-girls-are-ready-for-hardcore-game-systems
Hide the Pain Harold in fun
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Whenever I look at my first memes...

They are all shit.
Leslie Odom Jr as Aaron Burr in Hamilton the Musical in fun
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It's late, but... you deserve more upvotes.