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Hatred can eat at you until there's nothing left,.. until you become the thing you hate.
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It must be Drugs in politics
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Reason is a faculty that requires logic, logic demands fact to succeed or conspiracy fills in the gaps. Once you began to 'create' reasons, and ignore intellectual professionalism, you lost your political credibility. Too many fears and accusations from right-wingers like yourself shows us the truth. And you're an anti-vaxxer/masker too I'll bet. Am I wrong?
It must be Drugs in politics
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[image deleted] History shows us everything. We know what happened and we know you can't deal with it. Education means learning things that contradict what you've been told by your peers, even if it upsets you. You don't learn well...
Blank White Template in TikTokAwesome
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Russian Freedom goes bye bye.... you have a 1 party system. Putin been president for how long now? lol... here's link to Russia's latest report on legislation of freedom laws. (if you're Russian) You're screwed!

Singing "We will overcome" in politics
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You = No facts.... and to us... you're all idiots.
It must be Drugs in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You whining = Karen, the election results were in 5 months ago, Trump Lost, No voter fraud has ever been proven, Forensic audits by uneducated citizens like yourself aren't valid.