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Trump in "Home Alone 2"
McCain didn't have to testify. That means he gets to die with dignity (even though he has none) and he didn't have to implicate others, which would put his family at risk. Trump will not fire Rosenstien. At least until he's proven to be extremely guilty. Trump wants a resignation and he's going to get it. Rods gone by Monday. I've been telling you for a while. How did I know his position was coming to an end? Doesn't that seem strange to you? Reality is just electrical signals being interpreted by your brain (television, radio, and newspapers lie. OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD).
Creepy Condescending Wonka
He has been. Not much he can do against blatant lies, though. Actually, he proved his innocence against the first accusation, which is ironic because he's applying to be a judge in the highest court in a nation that used to take pride in its "innocent until proven guilty" take on law. Enough is enough. He's had to go through more scrutiny than any SC justice in history. He's obviously a good man. He just has principles that the Dems don't want in the Supreme Court. Too bad. Would it really be justice if the court didn't represent conservatives as well as liberals?
Creepy Condescending Wonka
It's illegal to give the public every detail of his life. It's not our business to know when he goes to the bathroom and if he has a mole on his back. They also went over a lot of the court cases he's presided over. Most of those pages will likely deal with that kind of stuff. They also went through all of his emails. Some were leaked because certain democrats thought they might cast a negative view of him simply because the topic was "race". If anything it shows he is completely unbiased but people that don't have strong reading comprehension, like the majority of democrat voters, might see the word "race" and immediately have an unfounded emotional response. His emails aren't public domain. You're argument is just a rewording of "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide". Would you share your email and Facebook information with everyone on imgflip? Privacy doesn't matter right? Kavanaugh is a human being and an American citizen. He has his right to privacy the same as the rest of us. We elected the senators for exactly these situations. It's their job to go through those documents, not ours. They've found nothing that shows he's not qualified to be a Supreme Court Justice so instead the Dems are blatantly lying to try and stop his confirmation.
Get this, I will NEVER EVER be a Christian again!! I am a Theistic Satanist/Spiritual Lucifarian forever more!! So mote it be!!
I oppose your evil religion but I'm starting to feel bad for you. You may think it's harmless and just a choice but it's not. People suffer and die because of satanism. Children are **ped, trafficked, and sold as sex slaves in the name of Satan. You're a person and clearly I'm causing you distress. I'm used to arguing with more experienced lurkers. I'll leave you alone. Just know you've made a huge mistake. You are not the master, you are a slave and tool of your demons. You should accept the body you've been given and make the best of it. It's never too late to change.