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Conspiracy Keanu
Because we're still in the Bronze Age of medicine.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
A world without crime doesn't exist. The 2nd amendment isn't to stop crime, it's to keep our government in check. The government cannot dominate its people if they have weapons to resist with. Assault rifles are the US citizens greatest power over our government because they can pierce military body armor. Handguns cannot. No volunteers in the schools. They need to be paid professionals. Rather than arm teachers, our schools should have armed security that get paid extra if they teach classes and rotate from teaching to patrolling with other armed security.
National School Walkout Day vs. Personal Responsibility
No, lots of um with real guns. Gunfights are won with numbers and firepower. Shooters are deterred by fear of death before they can accomplish what they set out to do (kill lots of people). One rent a cop meets neither of those criteria.