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Creepy Condescending Wonka
Rofl, he's done more than anyone else.
And everybody loses their minds
You've seen my replies haven't you?
And everybody loses their minds
TPP and TISA aren't complicated. They want globalized healthcare and banking. People that help the companies that own the Healthcare or the Banks will get lots of money (People like Hillary and Obama). The United States will have the power of its dollar crushed. Poorer countries will benefit from the healthcare, developed countries will suffer. By looking at who has signed agreements with the TISA and the TPP you can see who are for and against it. You can also see who are in massive debt and under control of the banks. The US has already taken the first steps to being enslaved by its debt. TISA would be the final nail in the coffin, or a very very big one. TISA isn't helping humanity grow, it's trying to enslave the most developed countries. If the US wasn't bailing out its "allies" their countries would fall into chaos. They are dragging us down into destruction.
And everybody loses their minds
I bet you're real proud of that one. Please, don't throw that emotional garbage at me. Tell your boss Nikolaev or whatever soviet ass name he has to give you a raise. If it wasn't for your trolling I wouldn't be as politically aware as I am today. You deserve a nice pair of blue jeans.
Crooked Hillary strikes again
Did you watch Strzok's Testimony? I did. That duetche is working on behalf of the DNC without any doubt. Just because someone says the sky is green under oath doesn't make it true. The FBI interfered with the election and the DNC still lost. "Don't worry we'll stop him (from getting elected)". Strzok went on to say that there are many others in the FBI that feel exactly as he does and will continue to work to the same ends. His removal means nothing. The FBI was working to impeach Trump before any investigation had even begun. "You and I both know the odds (of impeachment) are nothing. If I thought it was likely, I'd be there no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there's no big (chance of impeachment) there." They proceeded to start an investigation with the purpose of impeachment: the Russian collusion. It's been scientifically proven that if people hear a lie enough they will believe it. That's why the magic words "Russian Collusion" are repeated daily on every news channel. This has been a major violation of democracy. That's not a conspiracy. That has verified evidence. Go do some real research. Also, is that as far as you got? No mention of the TPP? Do you even know what it is? What its mission is? Who supports it? I love it when people infer I'm being crazy. It shows how ignorant and fragile their minds are.