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Hey guys. I'm just a pre-teen who likes to paint, play among us, cook, bake, and sleep. Excuse me while I sip my coffee.
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It's true tho..... in fun
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same tho
cancer blank template in LGBTQ
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No problem
cancer blank template in LGBTQ
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I know EXACTLY how you feel!!
cancer blank template in LGBTQ
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How to tell your mom you're LGBTQ:
Step 1: Find the right time (Tell her you want to have a talk with her when she's in a good mood, or when she isn't busy)
Step 2: Find a spot your most comfortable in. (If you have a safe spot, go there. If not, try your bedroom or your parents bedroom)
Step 3: Tell her honestly and truthfully. (Or you can tell her in small pieces)
Step 4: Tell her what you think about LGBTQ people and how being Bi makes you feel.
Step 5: Tell her you love her after the talk
Step 6: If she is mad at you, don't let that bring you down!! You are amazing just the way you are!!

How I told my mom i'm Bi:
So when I was in 4th grade, there was this really nice girl. Lets call her Ava. Ava was a really good friend of mine and I started to like her. When valentines day came, I wanted to get her a small box of chocolates. I lied to her in the store and told her it was for my teacher. When we got home, I wrote a little note on it and said that you're really funny. I gave it to her and she said she liked me back. I told my mom that my crush liked my back, and how she was a girl, and she said, "Honey, that's amazing!!!" I asked her if she's mad I'm bi and she said "No, of course not!! No matter who you are, or how you turn out, I will always love you no matter what." So yeah.

If anyone ever needs to talk, I'm here. Message me on Memechat
This is my little sister’s painting. She will read all your comments. in Middle-School
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The way the colors fade together going down is just perfect. Tell her to make more, and sell it to art museums!!!