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What Do We Want 3
I have no more patience with the IMGflip community anymore, there are certain nuances to everything.
What Do We Want 3
It's not an insult if it's true.
Tyrants - They haven't changed much since 1776.
First of, nice ad-hominem, secondly it's called democide and it's happened many times before (look @ Nero of Rome, or any other dictator), thirdly, your using a strawman, mixing satire with the argument. Let's make things clear for you; The government has weapons like fighter jets, of which you have no access to, that make your handgun useless, if the government wants to take over, they can do it even if you have your tiny pellet shooter on you.
Tyrants - They haven't changed much since 1776.
Even then, (which I don't buy the argument that the constitution never said owning slaves was a right), but let's entertain the argument, your position that we can't change the constitution, means that in your worldview the 3/5 compromise still applies.
What Do We Want 3
In 2016, the police used a warning shot, once in Sweden, no policeman had to fight off an armed attacker once. But by all means, keep living in your alt-right circle jerk, where you don't challenge yourself intellectually ever.