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Mistakes make you stronger, this is why Walter White got stronger through the show.
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and that's a fact in imgflip
0 ups, 1h
so I could post my breaking bad memes without someone saying "DAMN I HADN'T WATCHED THE ENTIRE SHOW YET YOU SPOILED IT"
youtube search history reveal in MS_memer_group
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I was sad and crying when I searched it lmao
I realized if Steve can lift 12 quadrillion tons, why does it take him so long to punch a tree? in Minecraft
0 ups, 11h
what about GTA protagonists that can carry literally infinite ammo with heavy guns?
infinity is more than 12 quadrillion
mojang do he like this tho in Minecraft
0 ups, 11h
breaking bad memes are the best
Untitled Image in MS_memer_group
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"sigma male gigachad"s are cringe teens without a social life who wanna suck Patrick Bateman's dick