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it's so important to stay connected with other countries and to share funny stuff. laughing keeps us all together.
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Madam C J Walker
personal honour...lol, yeah ur right we call this here "Ehrverletzungsklage" or a Maulkorbgesetz. its a big money making machine from the government, but its possible to avoid it here around: 1 day in prison costs the government around 350 sfr or 380 euro, lol. they dont pay this, u must be a high criminal person or mass murderer to get arrested. but here its still easier to avoid punishment than in the USA. here its easier to have a big mouth than in the rest of the world, lol.
my family
nice turkey, and a nice family.lol.
we are waiting...
no problem lol.
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thanks, kept just Flauschi, the tiger in the middle. thats a remember pic with his bros and sis at my parents' home. he was the fluffiest one, so we named him Flauschi, the Swiss word for fluffy.