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Futurama Fry in fun
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I think he was going for "doomed" but honestly idk 🙃
Coal fired electric cars in politics
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CO2 isn't air pollution.
Coal fired electric cars in politics
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They're close to being the same thing...I mean with either coal or oil, you pull stuff out of the ground and then burn it for energy. The real goal is to stop whichever one you're burning from causing air pollution. If all cars were electric, you would probably need more coal than we even have.
Pentagon Hexagon Octagon in politics
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It's not really provable, but proof isn't really needed either. A top former Clinton advisor outright said she's a practicing witch, her campaign manager Podesta was into "spirit cooking," and just look at all the people connected to the Clinton's that have mysteriously turned up dead...add this up with other criminal Clinton behavior and lies and it seems obvious that she's an occultist.