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This is......
How old are you that you have to sit around all day on your phone. It's not my fault you got a widdle, bitty , ear infection so......
This is......
so here's the thing, many of us have are own opinions okay, but it's not right for when someone disagrees with you, you have to fight back in some childish ways. Of course I might vote republican, and you may vote democratic, we should all treat each other with respect. When the person who posted that meme about "The Truth", I thought everything was true except the lgbtq+ thing. You may of thought more weren't on your side but hey, if you didn't like it you shouldn't of posted your opinion in the first place. And when you said it was my fault.... No! I don't know how much time you waste on this "molten fireball" but it's not good for one to sit around and make memes offending their own president. Yes I've heard of freedom of speech and a lot of that is OPINION. So just stop this can't end without a end so let me be the barrier, just stop get some fresh air and maybe take a walk outside with your dog, maybe you spend so much time on Imgflip.com that you never walk outside and smell the flowers or pick up a new girlfriend. PS Our Earth is not molten that's just outer core and the mantle, if you ever went to college you'd know that. ALSO, I did grow up in Russia.
This is......
Privyet eto nye fasyed verdue!