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I voiced revealed on my yt channel lol
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This happened to me about 5 times :\ in fun
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also funny meme :)
This happened to me about 5 times :\ in fun
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Story: One time, one of my friends was having a birthday at their house. They also had a pool, so people could swim in it. His brother was like 3-4 years old and he went swimming without a life jacket. This ended up with him drowning, but my friend told his dad that his brother was at the bottom of the pool. His dad dove into the water and performed child cpr on him. They rushed him to the hospital, and he eventually recovered safely. :)
Like hurry up man! It’s not that hard! in fun
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i hate it when they do this
Bro is rich now in fun
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so that's how he makes that many presents
Don't trust this link (Shadow note: ip grabber) in JustaCheemsDoge
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yea besides, he made a video of a school tour