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Stop Using Anti-LBGTQ Language.
idk if this is a troll, but this looks like something straight off twitter. I don't have anything against lgbt people, but telling people to not use certain language won't stop them from using that language.
and by really waiting, I mean when everyone including politicians were praying to god their sides would win the senate and House of Representatives.
And while people think he said that just to get more supporters or something, well if donald trump did so, why didn't he say the same thing during his presidential campaign? I say that because by the time a person becomes president, they will care less about his/her supporters than before and election because he/she already won. but when a presidential campaign is going on, candidates will do and/or say anything to be president when they have the opportunity to do so. But does donald trump have that opportunity yet? No because he's already president, and he dencounced white supremacists a while before the midterm elections were really waiting.