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Fun fact: that was just a piece of paper until it was held up against the flare of the explosion.
Peter Quill: The REAL Infinity War Villain
The movie's been out three weeks; who hasn't gone to see it twice, already that I'm spoiling this for?
For every comment I get from you I will upvote your last 10 memes and so on.
Well that sounds like a win-win proposition; I'll do you one better! I'll upvote this for having an animated GIF of my favorite children's cuddle-monster, and that red thing from Sesame Street!
Good album, bad single.
They would be obligated to vote for him/her but also angry that the first female president was once a man
I'm both a feminist and a liberal and I can honestly say I don't know how anyone would take it. Certainly we'd see the worst in political attacks from the lowest bases...The real question is: What would Feminists and Liberals do if the first female President was a transgender REPUBLICAN woman?