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Such a great and terrible movie in fun
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Was that the Ron Paul scene?
The real Maga in politicsTOO
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1: The people owning the company get more money because the jobs of the workers all were part of a long line of actions that allowed the workers to complete their job. For example, people working in a pencil factory are putting together some wood, graphite and an eraser, but all those materials were shipped and harvested by people who never worked directly with people in the factory in the first place but the owner made all those trade deals possible so he actually oversaw and contributed more in the process of producing products and services.

2: 99.99% of private infrastructure isn't taxpayer funded (nor should it)

3: You're an atheist so why are you using a picture of Jesus to get across a message you hold to be true?
Equitable and equal may not be the same. in politicsTOO
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O | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Nobody gives you equality as presented in that drawing because equality isn't something that can be given out by a government or any establishment. Anyways, you will always have people with more than others because that's where they fit into the society, but if you allow people to chase their own interest it will always lead to people ending up with what they need assuming, of course, no third party (like the government) prevents you from doing so. And the system that allows people to go after their desires in the most effective way is the free market and the vast majority of conservatives support that system, yet here you are criticizing the same people who support that very system. After all is said and done, the only reasonable kind of equality is one of opportunity because any other form requires itself to be enforced by some third party and that raises the question of "Why should those people get to choose who gets to do what at the cost of others?"