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Average LEGO, Jurassic Park, and Imgflip-bossfights enjoyer
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Hate it when that happens -_- in Middle-School
0 ups, 10h
Even worse is when your spine tingles and it feels like a centipede 😬
I don't wanna know what a theelsy fing is in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 13h
So like an emotional image with your OCs?
I cant read the book in Jurassic-Park
0 ups, 13h
I read the book once, when I was ten
No clue how I didn't get nightmares
Im rlly worried i might not be able to use Imgflip again… in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 1d
Nah I'mma just convince everyone here to stop cussing
Untitled Image in Imgflip-bossfights
0 ups, 2d
image tagged in bandit heeler had to be done | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
She doin the Bandit Heeler pose FR