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But it is very entertaining to see.TY
A suspected alt of Vag? Or of a different hardcore liberal TDS-ridden lunatic?
But it is very entertaining to see.TY
Nearly everyone, on both sides of the fatally flawed two-party system in the U.S.A., has their ears plugged and eyes open. Even you do, Canary. In fact, you're one of the most extreme viewpoints here. You're not a voice of reason. You're not special, in any good sense of the word. You're just another ideologically obsessed person who has their head stuck in the sand; hearing and seeing only what you want to see, and enjoying doing so.
But it is very entertaining to see.TY
Not so sure this is true...actually, I am certain it is false! Whoa, imgflip said I'm commenting a lot, which is true. I have to wait 157 seconds to comment again. Sir, I apologize for the delay, but I assure you, this is not my fault!
But it is very entertaining to see.TY
I don't find it to be so much funny as unhinged. Way out there! That person has TDS so bad that they very well might be this crazy, unhinged chick.
And this is who the Democrats are following.
You read a much longer comment before and had no problem with the reading comprehension. Surely, you have enough time to continue this lively "debate" we're having. Or, do you actually have a job and still somehow manage to accumulate the hundreds of thousands (or is it millions) of points you have on here. PS - I had to Google the "tl;dr" thing. Never heard that one before. You kids and your silly text acronyms! Making America dumber one text at a time, right!?! This comment isn't all that long. Please make sure you reply. I really enjoy conversing with someone of such lofty intelligence and interesting insight. All of our fellow imgflip colleagues speak so highly of you. I have been encouraged, repeatedly, to attempt to befriend you and help you with the TDS you so obviously suffer from. TRUMP, MAGA, 2020! Just kidding. I don't like him one bit. But, I did that to try and "trigger" you into another one of your fits. You're so cute when you're angry.