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Untitled Image in politics
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Why are you using the wrong verse to try and quote the commandments?
Untitled Image in politics
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The civil war wasn't about slavery.
Who do you want running your country? in politics
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
You asked the OP to criticize Biden because you thought they couldn't. But then they prove you wrong and you're "but trump"... but to your points,
1. Trump isn't racist, homophobic, transphobic, maybe a bit of a bigot.
2. The military isn't an equal opportunity employer.
Inception in politics
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Ok "bruh"
So you believe that the government controlled CDC claims that there is no covid vaccine related deaths (they state that actually), who on their very own website show covid related deaths that have occurred in people who contacted the virus and then died from various things INCLUDING SUICIDE and it's "covid related" but say that getting sick and having severe adverse reactions, including death, just days after getting there vaccine are "unrelated"?
You obviously haven't dealt with the government that much. But as a military veteran, let me tell you this.... they would lie straight to your face that you would live and then shoot you and kill your family. Yes I believe they would tell the truth about something small and hide something major just to control people. Take Fouci for example, first it was masks don't work, then one, then it's wear two masks, now even if you're vaccinated you have to wear a mask OUTSIDE.
It's all about control, always has been. Wake up
Picard Riker listening to a pun in politics
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Ok. Show me one