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Da_Bebe_LEtsGoOo (24760)
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I make memes while I'm supposed to be working in school also If you upvote all my images you will get free stonks
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Karen in fun
2 ups, 3m
wearing masks is the cause to death.. in florida they stopped wearing masks for 3 days and the cases went from 30k a day to 3 thousand every couple days.. it's crazy so I hope you learn that A karen is one that wears many masks not one that wears none
doge in fun
1 up, 3m
idk it's a masterpiece right?
Change My Mind in fun
2 ups, 3m
bru bruhh | image tagged in memes,drake hotline bling | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
rain is fish pee so take showers in yurin
kinda respectabul in politics
1 up, 3m
I respect you man his life is a fricking lie he needs to get a better life
doge in fun
2 ups, 3m
and bepis