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Ocasio-Cortez: "Just pay for it" in politics
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well you won' t see any republican riots over her winning an election lol. we leave the temper tantrums for the dems to perform since they're so experienced in tantrums
Hypocrite in politics
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when i was 19, i started college and had to drop out with a 4.0 GPA because i couldnt get any financial assistance due to being a white male with no kids. after spending two years trying to figure out how to learn a trade while living on and off the street i discovered Job Corps. I then spent 11 months at a job corps learning to weld. after graduation from job corps i spent another 7 years in the welding trade doing temp welding jobs(some of that time while living in a homeless shelter) until i was a skilled enough welder to land a job at Caterpillar. I started off at Caterpillar making 15.18/hr amd after 4 years with them working my ass off i finally...FINALLY got into college at 32 years of age majoring in mechanical engineering. and that's only thanks to a tuition assistance program that CAT has. bit if i was a single mother or a minority i would have a freaking master degree by now but insteat im just getting started and once again have a 4.0 GPA. ....went through all of that just to avoid student loans. please...PLEASE tell me how i can experience this white privilage you liberal ass monkeys are talking about because as a white male i had to work hard and sacrifice for years just to get my white ass INTO college!
Charlie Brown Sad Walk in politics
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many fathers want to be good fathers but the state only lets them spend any time with their kids on the weekends...IF they're lucky