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He's either lying or he has no clue. If he's lying, then why? If he has no clue, then why are we listening to him? in politics
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Fauci holds numerous patents that might profit him handsomely if Bill Gates is able to force vaccines into the market, given what to some, appears to be relational aspects of the patents and the virus itself, and how a vaccine might need to lean on aspects of the patents to be effective. (*ahem* *cough*)

There are many "dots" in the COVID development and subsequent turmoil that are unpleasant when one adds them up. It's convenient though, how COVID solved the Hong Kong crisis for Xi. (the revolution by the people against the theme of total control.) Lest we forget, there is the melt down of the US economy because of businesses clamping up, the way the MSM spins everything to be Trump's fault leading into the elections, the diversion from Democrat crimes and falsehoods because the virus news has center stage, the shuttering of churches, the insanity of de-funding police as each an every incident that can be spun gets spun.. etc etc etc.. It's a perfect storm, ehh?

What am I saying about your meme? That one should follow the Fauci dots, and monitor the direction his future comments lead.. (insert smoking gun image)
CRACKER SHELF LIVES MATTER -- can you STOP making every damn thing RACIST now? in politics
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Thank you! Please share.. it's already slipped under the radar..
So when do we finally acknowledge BLM's goal of anarchy and chaos will not bring racial equality? in politics
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You forgot to mention that "in protest" they will also loot and burn down the business of an elder BLACK man, right there, in their own neighborhood. But THAT'S OK! Obviously, it was TRUMP'S fault they looted that black neighbor's store, and burned it and many other businesses and homes in their own neighborhood to the ground. I really need to get "woke" don't I? I'm simply NOT grasping this tremendously positive energy of BLM, ANTIFA, the DIMZ, etc..
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Funding to teachers and police is a GREAT idea! Please reach out to SOROS and get a "Police & Teachers Salaries Matter" initiative happening.. Thanks again for the up-vote you gave my meme! :)
The word CRACKER is RACIST in politics
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It was "sarcasm". Intending to show the double standards that get shoved around.. Do you see anyone DEMANDING that crackers be re-named to the politically correct "Salted Flour & Shortening Component Cooked In a Thin Square"?? Hmmmn? No, and you won't.