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Just think about that for one moment in fun
0 ups, 3d
imagine paying for the children I just steal them like a normal person, besides, at the end of the day, they're f r e e
say hello to larry :) in fun
0 ups, 3d
I know a guy named larry

he's an ass

Bet this little one's an ass too, or they'll grow up to be one
hehe in fun
1 up, 5d
I dont know if they meant 'cooked' or 'cocked' but either way im concerned
PSA to all 10 year olds in fun
0 ups, 5d
tbh u would have stabbed the onion 29 times in even strokes just for that one
upset pooh in fun
2 ups, 5d
Maybe they should be putting f**king butter and barbeque sauce on everything