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Shocked Applejack
Ban fracking.
That's not margin of error, folks.
Fox News poll says that?
are you ready, left coasters?
I can’t say I haven’t heard THAT before.
Scumbag Steve
What I meant was that we are not dumping ANY MORE trash into the ocean AFTER the straw ban. And I want the source that says global mean temperatures are decreasing.
Scumbag Steve
You say it's all the third world countries and China that dump garbage, especially plastic, into the ocean, but that's because California already banned them. The ban will at least contribute slightly to cleaning up the ocean. Also, the fires are primarily caused by climate change, not bad forest management. Haven't you realized that the wildfires in recent years have been SO MUCH WORSE than before? And, not coincidentally, temperatures have also been higher than average? Lastly, please stop generalizing all liberals as communists. I would honestly never generalize all conservatives as Nazis.