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Maybe Herd Mentality Will Go Away in politics
2 ups, 3m
Still throwing your temper tantrum. You might be most mentally stunted clown of the year on Flip. You have my far.
Maybe Herd Mentality Will Go Away in politics
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Feb 2nd: Nancy 'set up by a salon' Pelosi says "Come to Chinatown to celebrate diversity, it's safe, Come join us"

March 2nd: Governor 'stuff them in nursing homes' Cuomo says "We don't think the Corona virus will be as bad as it is in other countries"

March 4th; Anderson Cooper's segment loosing in the ratings to the paint drying channel says: "Half the people in America don't get a flu shot, and right now the flu is far more deadly than the Corona virus, you should be more worried about the flu"

March 10th; NY Mayor De Blasio says "New York can't shut down over undue fear"

This is what makes you a raging moron. A hypocrite and a stupid ass sheep.

Keep copying and pasting months old talking points,. It makes it easier to embarrass yourself, than embarrassing yourself struggling to spell words children can spell.
Everybody but me. in politics
2 ups, 3m
I'm not digging through your stupid ass comments to prove you're a liar when we both know you're a liar.

You're a dumb ass, you'll prove it yourself soon enough. You lefties can't help yourselves.