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Pelosi Commission is pure politics in politics
0 ups, <1h
Correct . . . because that's the THINKING percentage of the nation's population . . . all the rest are sheeple style leftists.
Face You Make Robert Downey Jr in politics
0 ups, <1h
Absolutely correct. It's enough to make one want to go back in time and slap all their future leftist public school teachers and college professors.
President Shit Stain in politics
1 up, <1h
Yes . . . pretty much . . . and our leftist sheeple . . . cheer.
When You're A Paranoid Suburbanite With An Atavistic Dread Of Being Raided By Rival Tribesmen in politics
1 up, 1h
Sorry. This time I can't make this leftist rant of a meme make sense no matter how I try and twist logical thought processes . . . leftward.
Joe's Vaccine Infomercial in politics
1 up, 2h
Yep . . . and already the GOP governors of various states are saying 'no' in regards to the government paying people to take what amount to dangerous experimental drugs for a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.