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Chaosmarx (145038)
Joined 2023-04-18
A guy who is one of the most sane users on this website. Mood: metal gear solid addiction be going wild for me
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How To Refer To Me :) in MS_memer_group
1 up, <1h
image tagged in big boss salute | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
good luck with all those pronouns and titles
Idc If You “Didn’t Like Reddit” in MS_memer_group
1 up, <1h
most of us accept this opinion

and it's probably users who are young and mentally unstable who decide to tell you to shut up about reddit when you post a normal image that has reddit in some way
drix abatakam in MS_memer_group
1 up, <1h
what the dog doin