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All Cops are BASTARDS. Antifascism is PATRIOTIC. Black History is American History. BLACK LIVES HAVE ALWAYS MATTERED!
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Imagine literally dying to own the libs in politics
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The Covid Dead are on Trump's hands, not Biden's. The vaccines work - if you get a Covid infection after vaccination, you will experience only mild symptoms.

After realizing he'd failed to profit off of the Coronavirus, and that his mismanagement was the opposite of leadership, One-term, no-good, lying purple people-cheater strarted attacking the vaccine, in spite of the fact that the Drumpf family all got vaccinated after Dirty Donnie nearly died.

Your willful ignorance of science and vaccine cowardice only shows you trust charismatic leaders over science.

You lose. When you and your family die of Covid, I'll laugh at your survivors.
Your Good News Headline of the Day in politics
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You're a liar. Plain and simple. Over FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND American men, women and children died due to COVID-19 because Trump downplayed, politicized and then tried to oversee a project he had absolutely no understanding of, namely fighting the virus.

And those five Congresspeople who got Covid-19 despite being vaccinated? They'll have MILD cases because of the vaccine - that's how an mRNA vaccine works. They get less sick because the body has the programming necessary to fight the infection. They have to isolate for the sake and safety for everyone else, but 14 days later, they'll be fine, and still ready to block Texas' anti-American Jim-Crow 2.0 voting law.