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I am a juris naturalist, liberty loving, christian. I love fact, logical debate, and making pie.
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My Sentiments Exactly in politics
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Might I add that when Brando pulled us out he only armed our friends the taliban terrorist party with a few nuclear toys. but let’s just turn a blind eye to that. F***ing hypocrites “David and Goliath”.
My Sentiments Exactly in politics
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So you think these businesses owners and investors are being paid with government money? Tbh I don’t care if they’re richer than I’ll ever be because people done need to have the same amount of everything to be equal. Everyone has the chance to get to where those people on wall street are. Because how do you think they got there? This country was only founded 2 1/2 centuries ago so there’s no birthrights so to speak. No these people were entrepreneurs. And at some point they were nothing.

Equality is equal opportunity.

Those are some crazy theory’s though. As far as I know it’s Brandon Fing things up in the world that’s got my gas up to 5 bucks a gallon. What I do know is that wall street has been the same way for as long as it’s been a thing, abs yet it becomes suddenly too costly to breath when a democrat is in office. 🤷‍♀️
My Sentiments Exactly in politics
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If you can see… that little red dot is exactly at the same spot as it was before the vivid scam. And then it just ticks higher. Why? Why do you think that I have to pay 5 dollars a gallon every time a democrat gets office and 1.5 with a republican? Hm? I mean you wouldn’t know you’re in middle school…

What do you do baby sit?

Thing is… lock downs should never have happened. And a lot of the countries were out way before us, except for Australia of course they’re nazi germany over there.

Maybe that’s because you haven’t had to feed yourself before. Things are different when you’re trying to feed yourself vs going to the store with mommy. But yeah you go ahead and look into that. You can talk to a few of my managers too and they’ll tell you how since unemployment checks, they can’t get anyone to work. People have also been living on welfare for years because they don’t want to work but that way of life really boomed when that whole Covid delio came around.

Wanna know whose money is supporting those lazy folks? Mine. One day you’ll learn about taxes too. Oh they joys.
My Sentiments Exactly in politics
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GUESS WE’LL DIE | image tagged in guess i'll die | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Maybe one day you’ll get a job and realize that there’s more to life than CNN. No one gives a damn about fox. As someone who works full time and has witnessed the ongoing worker shortage in multiple lines of work in many different states I’d be a pretty hard person to persuade with google stats. Good rule of thumb is Don’t tell fish stories, but especially not where the people know the fish.

Workers won’t work because they think the government is there to take care of them. And you know how the government can support that for a little while?? The working citizens taxes. Socialism at its finest.

May go find yourself a job and then see what people are paying? $20 and hour start up ain’t that bad if you ask me. Nope people are just lazy. They would rather sit on their butts living off of someone else’s hard work because it’s unpleasant. What will people do when they realize that they can’t eat because no one wants to farm anymore

You’ve obviously never had to work a day in your life. But lemme tell you a secret… life is shitty sometimes and that’s just how it is if you can’t handle it go wrap yourself in bubble wrap.

Ps Wikipedia is not a reliable source and if you used that on a college paper your get an F. Welcome to the world. But get through middle school first.
Or at least put security around schools asap. in politics
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I’m not for banning anything lol you don’t know where I stand. Assumption is a logical fallacy. And we were not talking about abortion so that’s a red herring.

History says banning alcohol got us the mafia, banning drugs got us smugglers and drug lords. Bans don’t work. Thanks for proving my point.

Do you even know what an assault rifle is?? That ain’t an ar15, therefore that is unrelated to the matter at hand. A deranged kid wouldn’t even be able to get near one of those, in fact you could count on two hands who owns those and the government would be included. Trust me I’m in the military and if you think school shootings are committed with assault weapons you need to go home little boy.

By the way that statistical fallacy is called post ergo propter hoc, typically known as the ice cream murder debate. Because Ice cream sales rose the same year that murders climaxed, ice cream causes murders. It’s a thing. Think twice before arguing a logic major.

No one gives a crap what Brandon says not even when he’s telling us stories about corn pop. Statistics lie. Ask any lawyer. People have been manipulating statistics since the beginning of time.

Ban the guns and every law abiding citizen will be defenseless against the criminals who by their namesake don’t give a damn what the laws are.

What next give me some more.