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*Shilling Intensifies* in fun
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They ended up shorting it, while someone else entirely spread Fake News that Trump threatened to help Democrats in the Mid-Terms (if Republicans didn't overturn the election). He said no such thing but it made its way around Telegram, at least, as if he did.

This is totally normal market behavior and you shouldn't question it at all.

At least, I made even more on SOXL than that episode of completely unaccountable and legal market behavior cost me.
*Shilling Intensifies* in fun
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Today has been a wild ride. It's like AMC or GME, but no one dared to short it.

I made money, today, though.
*Shilling Intensifies* in fun
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I made more in a day than I used to make in a month at work.
He Said The Line! in politics
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Imgflip said this doesn't fit under Politics.
It's been true, so far... in politics
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You look really foolish, since there have been riots under Biden by Democrats. They just didn't receive as much attention.