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ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ // 54 sacrifices // The weird non-binary trixic autistic dairy-product furry. 🏳‍🌈
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Not my post in LGBTQ
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i can't tell if this is real or not but PLEASE bow do you get it
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fr lol
i took an autism test yay in fun
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
i did the gender one. there are too many tests tho
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and good job for asking questions! i like answering ^^
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oh haha! Well Trixic is a term used by (some) non-binary individuals to describe their sexual orientation. It refers to being attracted to females, while also acknowledging the potential for attraction to other genders. Trixic individuals do not limit their attraction exclusively to females though.

The pronoun Xem if part of the "Xe/xem/xyr" set of pronouns that fall under the category of gender-neutral or non-binary pronouns. These pronouns are typically used by individuals who do not identify strictly as male or female or who prefer not to use gendered pronouns like "he" or "she."

here's how you pronounce them

Xe (pronounced zee)
Xem (pronounced zem)
Xyr (pronounced zir)