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Let's be honest about this
I know plenty of black people that are law abiding citizens they don't get arrested or shot....you know why they didn't break the law ,Rob something or pull a gun
Let's be honest about this
If you really think people are just out to get the "blacks" dude you are delusional. Do you think they are arresting people of color because they just hate them or they might have actually broke some law? The protest is just to shift blame and use the worn out race card. It's easy if you quit breaking the law black people will magically stop getting shot and arrested
College Liberal
The TRUMP HATE card is getting old and please think of another idea. Besides republicans are racist
Let's be honest about this
Or because people still respect the flag or police sorry bud the race card doesn't work AGAIN and it's worn out if you haven't noticed
College Liberal
YES! More trump hate the next idea if you can't think of anything