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Human Concepts #1 in The_Think_Tank
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This concept is phrased as a very specific statement, and not meant to be used as a blanket statement. It can also be phrased as a question: Why do people fear that AI will eradicate them, yet [sometimes] embrace it when their offspring does?
Will Capcom F*Up RE4 Remake PC Port? in Resident_Evil
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The "New" RE4 Seems Like A Cash Grab in gaming
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I hope your right, however I have my doubts :*(
The "New" RE4 Seems Like A Cash Grab in gaming
0 ups, 9mo
It’s being released in 13 days (3/24/2023), though it should be released on 4/1/2023 (that would make more sense). I seriously doubt any improvements will be made (which is why the demo dropped a couple of days ago). The clunky gameplay mechanics from 2005 is still there. This was supposed to be a “remake”, so I would presume and imagine that Leon’s actions & movements should be much faster and more fluid akin to John Wick. You shouldn’t have to hold down the space bar (PC version) just to draw a knife/melee. His hair still obstructs 2/3 of the screen (this wasn’t an issue in REmakes 2 & 3). He can’t even crouch and ADS/shoot simultaneously, among other unnecessary limitations that should have been left back in 2005.

Though in all fairness, I’ll probably wait in about 6 mo - 1 year and grab it on sale for $20. By then, any bugs/glitches should be patched up.