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Donald Trump quote Dec. 15, 2005
Too bad for you. Wall is being built anyway. That’s because Congress wanted it and Trump is keeping his campaign promise.
Donald Trump quote Dec. 15, 2005
Solution: Build the damn wall -- patrol it, maintain it, use drones, use seismographs to detect tunnels. Make it a Federal crime, punishable by 40 years in prison and a $10 million fine per illegal alien hired. Same penalty for crossing the border illegally. Same penalty for applying for state or federal government services (welfare, food stamps, SSI, public housing, driver's licenses, registering to vote, applying for a Social Security card). Same for crossing the border to have a child -- child sent back to country of origin to live in an orphanage and parents get 40 years in prison with hard labor. Those would work. We already patrol our border. Maybe relocate military bases along the border. Hell, we can keep everyone out of area 51 but we have a completely porous southern border. At the end of the day, the wall will be built. Patrolling it is already handled by Border Patrol. Maintaining it will be just a tiny water droplet in the 55 gallon drum of the Federal budget. Funny how people can't seem to realize that security scales.
Donald Trump quote Dec. 15, 2005
Keep telling yourself that. Most are working cash jobs and many, many others are coming here solely for the purpose of having an anchor baby. No job needed when you can file for welfare. Besides, certain states will give them all the services they want regardless. Yes, the wall is needed. It has been for decades. So much so that the Feds funded it but when the liberal politicians realized that Hispanics tend to vote Democrat, they and their weenie Republican cohorts didn't push to have it constructed. Trump is simply doing what Congress promised it would do 25 years ago.