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Leonardo Inception (Extended)
Not able to be here much having been appointed to a position I can’t talk about and where my communications are monitored. The libs trolls have gotten so much worse!
Mary and Joseph
The flight into Egypt has nothing to do with this meme.
Mary and Joseph
You’re the dumbass that can’t even read the meme. You’re confusing two separate events. Their flight into Egypt happened TWO YEARS after they went to Bethlehem moron.
Racism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race.
Sorry, a "non-white" casting call IS racist. It is specifically singling out a specific race for exclusion. How much more racist can you get? You can not like the truth but that doesn't change things. Imagine if they put out a "non-black" or "non-Asian" casting call. The outrage would be over the top. Cities would be burned.