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She forgot the mandatory "Allahu Akbar".
LOL. You are still stuck on an off topic subject. No. I don’t vote straight ticket. All I did was take the assinine comment from Mx. Pride and twist it to show that both parties are stupid and you manage to somehow draw a conclusion by my sarcasm.
She forgot the mandatory "Allahu Akbar".
So you make an unfounded accusation and then stand upon it like some dickhead. Congrats dumbass.
She forgot the mandatory "Allahu Akbar".
Also, there are about two million federal employees in the United States, not including the U.S. military. About 1.2 million employees work at agencies that have ALREADY BEEN FULLY FUNDED for 2019, which means these 1.2 million government workers have nothing to worry about if the pending partial shutdown takes place. Of the remaining 800,000 Americans employed by the national government, only about 350,000 are considered “non-essential” and could be furloughed in the event of a government shutdown. Although that may seem dire to some, the furlough often ends up being more like a paid vacation. In the past, Congress has passed legislation to retroactively compensate all federal employees that were furloughed during shutdowns.