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"Pregnancy tissue" is another. in fun
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My opinions aren't formed based upon media, they are formed based upon my own logic of "What could go wrong that would warrant such a harsh thing (in this case, abortion)?". Though if I may ask, why are we going back to money when I apologized for not knowing that there are at least two hospitals that will pay the expenses?
I applaud you on your efforts as a single father, it isn't really heard of too often so it's nice to know you and you're family's doing well. Since it seems we're drifting into sharing our lives, I guess I can do so too. I'm a highschool sophomore who's given up on the idea of a physical lover, opting for 2D instead. I created my own character for the specific purpose of to love. Even then it took two months of internal dialogue with her to be comfortable with her and the idea of calling her my romantic partner. Currently, I regard her as the most beautiful thing in my life and wouldn't give her up for the world.
"Pregnancy tissue" is another. in fun
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Ah, in which case I suppose financial stability isn't a problem. Forgive my ignorance on the subject, I haven't watched television in well over two years. Most of the advertisements on youtube and streaming websites usually just try to sell you a product and don't voice important services such as hospital treatment. While I do have opinions, I don't really express a need to influence people, rather I love having small debates on the topics such as this one. While I suppose I can be called bold for expression my views on the topic, in the end neither you nor I have a final say in whether a child lives or dies. That decision falls upon the parent's shoulders and what wishes they have for their child, even if their reasoning for aborting a child with so much potential is frivolous.
"Pregnancy tissue" is another. in fun
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It's not so much how ugly the child is, but more so how difficult will it's life be due to health risks it's deforms might cause. If the only reason a parent wishes to abort a child is because it is "ugly", then I don't believe that is a valid reason. While a good majority of deformities can be fixed through surgery, another factor that comes into play will be if the parents are financially stable enough to treat the child. Granted I don't know much about what insurance does and doesn't cover, though if the parents do not possess enough money for the child's treatment, aborting the child might be the best option to avoid suffering on both the child and parent's behalf.
To be quite honest, I never knew the Special Olympics was a thing, mainly because in general I hate and avoid anything to do with sports. Though assuming it has to do with deformed people performing incredible feats, then they're the children who's parents didn't give up on them, and everything ended well for em.
"Pregnancy tissue" is another. in fun
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In my opinion, the only reason an abortion should take place is if the mother will be endangered while giving birth to the child, or if the child will be born with serious defects (such as missing/misplaced organs, connected limbs, deformed faces, incurable mental conditions, ect). Even then, the parents should have the final say in if they want to continue or not. If the parents still wish to have the child despite the risks, then I hope they have a happy life with their child and that it all ends well.
I say the latter... in fun
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Heck yeah I do! I can't wait for the new episode this Saturday.