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“...To tell the world about The way the lights went out And keep the memory alive...”
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If it is, then I don't wanna be good.
The young Billy Joel is another crush of mine...;)
Thanks to his life saving music...
I agree. Music can take us in so Many different ways and can help us through hard times. Thank you for acknowledging :)
Thanks to his life saving music...
Music soothes the soul and can heal a heart. With me and Billy Joel, and you and your musical heroes, we can get through it together :)
Thanks to his life saving music...
I got into an arguement with my grandpa (it was for a stupid reason) I went into my room feeling like a stupid idiot. It was then that I was about to make the biggest mistake of my life, until I decided to turn on my music. It was Billy Joel’s “Second Wind”. If I could, I would say thank you to Billy Joel, for this song, and for his many other amazing songs he has written. <3
"Optical Illusion Art" (◐.̃◐)
This is a really beautiful piece of art :) It would be cool if I would see it in person.