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Random memes lie here. If you hate my memes, go hate on one of those other 7.4 billion people on this earth.
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Memers. I used to be one. Have too short of an attention span. Have a good day.
Unfortunate Message
A couple things I need to address here. 1. The only reason why your immigrant friends would have been sent back to their home country is if they were doing something illegal, such as overstaying their visa or having had come into this country illegally, much like that angry caravan is trying to do. 2. I know Donald Trump can sound racist at times, which I personally disagree with, but policy wise, that's simply not the case. His racist ego that you might be fond of comes from his rally presence where he tends to say general things in order to make a big statement. Similar to how your beloved Maxine Waters loves to tell people to harass conservatives whenever they see them. 3. Trump is NOT homophobic. I really hope that your future goes well and that even if I might not necessarily agree with guy on guy relationships, your social life regarding that goes well. Again, this goes back to what I said about Trump's rallying attitude. He might sound homophobic at times, but if he truly was deeply homophobic, then where are the laws stripping gay people of their rights? And explain to me how openly gay men such as David Rubin and Milo yiannopoulos, who are big time supporters of President Trump exist? 4. Trump is not your enemy. He's not. You might disagree with him at times, but every complain that you've listed about him is inherently false, and if that's all you disagree with him on, then why not try giving him a little chance some time? 5. The future is yours, my friend. Live your life the way you want to live it, and I wish you luck in whatever you end up trying to accomplish. I hope this helps.