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"The greatest thing in the world is being straight." - Me
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True but Hated in fun
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"HMMMMMMMMM... this girl has a pussy, but i don't know if she's a girl because i don't know what gender is"
you better pray. in fun
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what if i asked if when you swam past the beach barriers, do people think you're an island?
Maxwell in fun
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oi, mate, i ain't bri'ish, and i also ain't asian. just because i have sympathy for cats and dogs doesn't mean i'm wrong
True but Hated in fun
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it's because i'm sick of it. in 2015, everything was fine. i was enjoying myself, scrolling through reddit and facebook, checking my daily feed, it was a nice year. hardly any lgbtq, no feminists, no people of color making themselves the victim, none of it. and then it happened. in my feed, i saw an image of a "pride" parade going through the streets. however, being disgusted, i quickly closed out of it. unfortunately, over the next few days, it became more frequent. more and more idiots were joining. why was this? brainwashing. every time i went to a walmart, there would be 2 grown men in makeup holding the rainbow they stole from us. they didn't care at all what damage they were doing to this world. and over the next few years, more and more millenials and gen z would be sucked in and brainwashed by the evergrowing fungus that is infecting and diseasing this modern age. every day, more and more unknowing children are swept away from reality to join a corrupt society where grown adults don't know the basic laws of evolution and biology. and then the 2nd part comes: sexual assault. there has been multiple reports of guys disguising themselves as girls to rape girls in the girl's bathroom. don't believe me? go find out. there's also numerous gay couple who will kidnap and molest children and use their "gayness" as an excuse to not get caught. and what happens? they get released. it's absolutely impossible for you to try to convince me that lgbtq is "fine" when they've already done enough damage. you've already spread your infection into every crack and corner of the world. it can't be undone. you've already ruined modern society.